A Guide to the Best Ways to Cook Turkey

Because there are many ways in which this tasty treat can be dished out, there is not one best way to cook turkey but several. Regardless of which you choose there are vital components that should never be forgotten.

Get a High Quality Turkey

Experienced cooks can tell just by looking at the meat if it is of good quality or not. Buy from reputable supermarkets only. If you really want the freshest quality, fresh kills are the finest option. Frozen types are also inferior so do not neglect this aspect. The greatest chef in the world will not be able to do much with low class birds.

Ways of Preparing

Next to quality, the precooking preparation is crucial. Those who want to try out the best way to cook turkey must not forget this aspect either. You can either go with brining, stuffing or marinating.

If you are going to stuff it, do so only when you are about to cook. This is necessary to ensure freshness. What you put in is up to you. Do not forget to insert the thermometer to ensure its temperature is correct.

The ingredients for brining can range from water and salt to more complex mixes including juniper berries and herbs. The important thing to remember is to sample it often to make sure the taste is right. Do not forget to put it in the refrigerator.

If you go through cookbooks and websites you’ll see that marinating is considered one of the best ways to cook turkey and flavor them. Part of what makes this so attractive is that you can use a variety of flavorings and spices. Popular choices include balsamic vinegar, orange juice, beer and wine. When you marinate add the ingredients in non reactive holders.

Now that you are done preparing here are your cooking options.

Roasting in an Oven

This method is pretty straightforward but there are ways to spice it up. One of the tastiest methods is to cover it with cheesecloth. Once it is layered spray some chicken broth or butter. For more flavor you can insert some onions, garlic or chili inside.


This is still regarded as one of the fastest and best ways to cook turkey. To start get a propane burner and a container. Sprinkle some cooking oil and let it cook. Utilize a thermometer to ascertain that the heat is just right.

Smoking and Grilling

This is rather time consuming but the results will be worth the wait. There are several options available. The traditional method is to smoke over charcoal. That is effective but some prefer to use or add mesquite. For more flavor consider braising or utilizing an oven bag.

If you want to try grilling you should use one with a hood. Also recommended will be the use of aluminum foil to keep the wingtips from being scalded.

The best way to cook turkey starts with the preparation and using the correct methods regardless of the cooking style. Just have fun, try them out and serve a dish your guests will long remember.

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