All About the Best Email Programs

Electronic mail has become such an integral part of business and daily life that using the wrong application can lead to major inconveniences. To achieve maximum production and efficiency, you should only use the best email programs.

Outlook Express

Whatever problems it had in the past is long gone. Today Outlook Express has become one of the most effective and safe mail applications out there. Its filters can remove suspicious looking messages as well as getting rid of spam. Apart from its filters it also has support for S/MIME and digital IDs. If you are on a server you can also avail of SSL encryption technology.

Outlook Express also has support for HTML editing but there is also an option for plain text if you just want the basics. You can also customize the inbox displays. With these features it is easy to see why this is one of the best email programs around today. It runs on all versions of Windows from 9x up.

Pegasus Mail

Although free, the features of Pegasus Mail can rival those of other costlier applications. Among its many useful features are multiple accounts (POP and IMAP) and power filters. Its tools can delete not just spam but also provides shelter from phising. The security options are top notch too. There is support for SSL and third party applications.

If you get a lot of messages, the mail merge and distribution management features will appeal to you. You can sort the mail by thread, date received, by the sender and other ways. You can create standardized replies and it supports Windows 9x to Vista. If number of features is your criteria for the best email programs, Pegasus will be in the list.


Eudora is one of the oldest and most popular email clients, and the reason for its longevity are its sensible features and sleek interface. Its spam filter is one of the best in the industry and the new versions of the application keep improving this feature. The search function is very fast even with loads of messages. Eudora also supports multiple POP accounts and comes with labels and templates. The latter is very useful when you need to make quick and repetitive answers.

There are several other features that users will appreciate. The Content Concentrator makes managing quoted text easy. The SpamWatch is another feature that helps make this one of the best email programs around. With SpamWatch, you will be notified of any suspicious or phising like messages.


From the makers of the popular web browser, their email client is just as effective. Although feature laden, it loads quickly as it is compact. If you are tired of all those applications that take forever to start up, this feature alone is something to admire. It has an RSS feed reader as well as a sharp spam filter. Its folders are also smart, learning where to store messages. Searches are saved, you can make quick replies and many more.

The features are what make these applications the best email programs today. Just download any of them, and organizing your messages will be a breeze.

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