Best Love Sayings

They say love is always in the air, 365 days a year. Thus, it is a good idea to collect the best love sayings relevant today to be guided, equipped, and ready any moment an opportune time for expressing love comes along. So here are important reminders when in love.

“You Always Hurt the One You Love”

So be extra careful when loving someone, romantically or otherwise. This saying says humans are bound to hurt their loved ones, even if they have good motives when doing so. The best love sayings like this always help lovers keep taking the right path to consummate their love goals.

“Free the One You Love”

They say real love is not possessive. It should allow ample space for the loved person to freely move around and continue enjoying mingling with other people, expressing love with them, especially with the opposite sex. Even in times of breakups, sincere lovers should grant freedom to their partners. If their partners return to them, then they are really meant to be. If not, then they are not. Such freedom is a gauge to find out if a relationship can really work.

“Live Fully, Laugh a Lot, and Love with All Your Heart”

Love should always be treated seriously. However, experts say lovers should not treat it more seriously than warranted. There should be enough time to focus on living, along with some delightful times of laughter and taking it easy. According to other related best love sayings, this balances everything and makes a relationship healthier. Remember that, “Often, love is more important than life. But love is birthed only through life.”

“Great Love Survives a Lifetime, but True Love is Forever”

Many people are able to express great love to their loved ones. But few can express it like it is going to extend to the hereafter. Be challenged and take the relationship to the next level—making it last forever, expressing love in unique ways. How? Well, some say, it is by developing it to be more than mere physical attraction. Many best love sayings attest to this. They say it should become spiritual in nature to last forever.

“God is Love”

Many religions believe that God is the source of all true love. Hence, they say love should be patterned after known concepts of how God loves humans. One concept is called “Agape” in Greek. This means expressing love without pre-conditions, and is often supported by other best love sayings. Some insist this is the highest form of love.

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