Finding the Best Laptop for You

The response to the question of what are the best laptops is best answered by determining your needs. While several factors have to be assessed, the most important is the power beneath the exteriors.

The Asus Eee PC 1000HE

The term netbook is often used for this type but it can also fit in as a notebook computer given its power. The Asus Eee has a 1.66 GHz processor (Intel Atom) The 1 GB memory allows you to run your favorite applications without slowing down. It also has a spacious 160 GB hard disk and a Mobile Intel graphics card.

The power of the video card is matched by the clarity of the display on its 10 inch screen. One of the things that characterize the best laptops today is battery duration. This model can run up to 9 and a half hours, one of the longest. Even with the adapter the weight is only 3.7 lbs.

The HP Mini 2140

There are several factors that make the HP Mini a good choice. It weighs only 3.8 lbs, comes with a bright 10 inch screen and is made of metal and robust. It has plenty of space (160 GB hard drive) and its graphics is the Intel GMA 950. The OS is Windows XP Home Edition. If you are going to run multiple applications you can do so with its 1.6 GHz Intel Atom.

One of the reasons why this is regarded as one of the best laptops is its keyboard. Part of the problem of most notebooks is that the keys are very small and cramped. Cleverly designed, it is larger than most, making it more comfortable to type.

Gateway FX P-7805u

Playing games on notebooks with a small screen is hard. With the Gateway FX’s 17 inch display, you will be to see everything clearly. Today’s games are known for their humongous system requirements but that won’t be a problem either. The FX has 4 GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard disk and a 2.2 GHz processor.

Its killer feature is the Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS, allowing you to play games at high resolutions. The OS is Windows Vista Premium. It also has a long battery life (3 hours). It’s a little heavy at 10 lbs but once you start playing, you probably won’t be going anywhere anyway.

The Apple MacBook

The MacBook comes with a 2.4 GHz processor (using Intel’s Core 2 Duo), 250 GB HD and 2 GB of RAM, giving you the horsepower you need to run most of the everyday office applications you need. If you work with photo editing software or play games the Nvidia GeForce 9400 M will be more than sufficient. It also comes with the Mac OS X. The screen is also large at 13.3 inches and comes with a trackpad. Even with all its features it only weighs in at 4.5 lbs, making it not just one of the best laptops, but also one of the handiest.

As stated earlier, the best laptops are those that can meet your demands. Given the power of these machines, any of them will likely be just fine.

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Finding the Best Laptop for You

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