The Best Antivirus Applications for Your Computer

If you follow the tech news the need to have the best antivirus software need not be stressed. Every few weeks or so there is a new virus or malware roaming the Net or emails. To keep your files from infection you can try any of the following programs.

AVK 2005

To ensure the utmost protection AVK uses the Kaspersky engine to detect suspicious looking files. It not only does a successful job of getting rid of viruses but does so quickly. The interface, while full of features is easy to use. It shields your email from threats and the updates are automated. Unlike other programs, the AVK performs updates every day, making this one of the best antivirus programs for those who use the Net regularly.

Other extra features are checkups during bootup and shields from dialers. For added protection you can set up a password so any changes to the program can be prevented. Of course it also produces detailed reports of every scan.

Norton Internet Security 2009 (NIS)

One of the major players in the industry, Norton Internet Security gives your computer the necessary protection without draining system resources. One of its most practical features are the sensors. This is useful in many ways. For example if you are playing games, non essential alerts are turned off. When using notebook computers, other non vital tasks are also limited to save battery.

Its ability to remove malicious software during bootup is another reason why this is one of the best antivirus programs today. NIS also keeps your web browser shielded and has a firewall too. It also comes with filters for phising and password protection.


If you are looking for an affordable but reliable alternative, BitDefender is an excellent choice. What makes it so popular is that it does all its tasks in the background. From removing infected files to scanning threats on the Web, BitDefender does it without requiring a lot of input from the user.

The program also excels at getting rid of adware and spyware, removing the need to get additional software. It can perform updates on the hour, but you can change the duration. You can also perform the update manually. Its gamer mode is another reason why this is one of the best antivirus programs today. When you play, it changes settings to avoid conflicts with system resources.

Platinum Internet Security 2005

Platinum Security doesn’t just get rid of viruses; it also removes spyware and spam from your email. Although it is not as costly as the other applications, the updates are regular. Their TruPrevent technology, meanwhile, helps the application sense new threats. There is also customer support in case of any problems.

Platinum Security is also good at removing spyware. Because it is updated on a daily basis, it will keep you safe even when you browse different websites.

Because these viruses become more complex and vicious, you need to have the best antivirus protection for your computer. By getting the right one, you assure yourself of the finest security for all documents.

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