The Best Marriage Proposals: a Guide

The best marriage proposals are the most romantic ones and need not necessarily be the most costly. If you are going to pop the question but aren’t sure how to proceed, the following guide will surely come to your rescue.

Propose in a Restaurant

You will need the help of a waiter (which wouldn’t be too hard). As you order your dinner, have the waiter give her a fortune cookie with the words “will you marry me?” nestled inside. After she finishes reading it, present her the ring.

Another option is to order a buffet or several deserts with the ring in the middle or top. When she sees it, say something like, “I can no longer resist your sweetness…will you marry me?” One of the best marriage proposals is to soak the ring box with chocolate. When she asks what flavor that chocolate is, reveal it.

Simple but Sweet

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything fancy. You can play a few word games with her (like Scrabble). Spell the words “I love you. Will you marry me?” and show her the ring. Another idea is to take her to a picnic on the weekend. Spread different colored flowers (or whatever her favorite flower is) and spell out “will you marry me?” Even simpler is to get a bag of those potato chips that come with a prize inside. Put the box ring in there and give it to her. Ask her to look for the “prize”!

Ask Her Hand

One of the most traditional and best marriage proposals is to meet with her parents and formally ask for her hand in marriage. After getting their blessing, announce the nuptials over a family dinner.

Yuletide Romance

Invite your fiancé on Christmas day. After dinner and giving her gifts, take her to your room or living room. Show her a Christmas tree with only one ornament: the engagement ring at the very top.

Home Candlelight Dinner for Two

Instead of taking her to a restaurant have a romantic dinner at home. You can give her a glass with the ring inside rather than champagne. Or you can give her a rose with the ring tied to it with a ribbon.

Romance at the Beach

Go to her favorite beach destination. Wait until it is sunset, and when you are alone with her, go down on one knee, show her the ring and say the words. Without question this still remains one of the most romantic marriage proposals you can use.

Prince Charming

If you want to try something different, call her and ask to get together with you in the park. Go to a store that sells costumes and dress up like a knight or prince. Using a rented horse, go to her. Get off the horse. On bended knee, bring out the box and open it. Say something like “O fair maiden, will you be my princess? Will you marry me?”

Marriage proposals are memorable occasions that will always be recalled with fondness. Now that you know the best marriage proposals, you can plan and be certain it will be a day you will both cherish and remember for the rest of your lives.

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