the Best Method for Roasting Turkey

The best way to roast turkey doesn’t require you to get expensive equipment or ingredients. Instead pay attention to detail and give yourself and the food plenty of time to be cooked.


Start with getting the right size. 15 lb is good for a dozen people. For a group of 16 you’ll need 18 lbs and the 20 lb type can feed 22. For the other ingredients you will need the following:

Lemon juice
1 onion (peeled and sliced)
Carrots (2 sticks, small)
Oil or butter
Salt and Pepper (1/2 teaspoon each)
Herbs and spices (thyme, parsley etc; choose the ones you like)


The best way to roast turkey is to bring it up to the right temperature before you cook. If it has been stored in the refrigerator, take it out. Place it on a pan and don’t remove the wrapper. If it had been in the freezer allocate 5 hours of thawing per pound.

Make sure that there is plenty of space on the kitchen counter. Your hands and the utensils must be washed thoroughly first. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 400 F. Begin by taking out the neck, heart and gizzard. Usually you don’t have to remove the ties on the legs, but check the package to be sure.

Putting in the Stuffing

The stuffing is an integral part, so if you want to try the best way to roast turkey don’t ignore this aspect. You can’t just throw everything in and start cooking. There is a process.

Before you do the stuffing wash and allow it to dry. Put some of the lemon juice inside and a little bit of the salt as well. Add in the onions, carrots and the herbs / spices mentioned earlier. If it becomes too full cover it with an aluminum foil. Tie the legs with skewers. If necessary tie the wings also. The neck can be filled with celery or parsley. Tie it too. To add flavor to the skin glaze it with some butter. Spray as much salt and pepper as you like.


Put the turkey (breasts downward) beneath a rack above a roasting pan. Spray some more of the rosemary on top of it. Place it in the oven. As stated, the best way to roast turkey is to give it the right time. Give it about 15 minutes per pound. For the first hour the temperature is 400 F. When that time elapses reduce it to 350 F.

After 2 hours bring it down to 225 F. Use a meat thermometer to make sure everything is all right. Place it between the breast and thigh. The dark meat must be 175 F and the lighter part 165 F. You can also use a knife; if it’s pink, cook it some more. When it is finally done, remove it. Let it alone for 20 minutes. To make the gravy, get all the drippings and mix cornstarch with water.

You don’t need a degree in cooking to learn the best way to roast turkey. Just prepare everything beforehand, and you’ll have a feast fit for royalty.

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