The Best Pick Up Lines

Getting the attention of the ladies can be a daunting task for certain individuals. At times, it can be tricky and usually takes certain skills and experiences to master. With the help of these proven tested best pick up lines, men have better chances of drawing the interest as well as the attention of women, especially those whom they really like. With a touch of confidence and proper execution, these lines can be very powerful and can even land them towards something more special. The primary aim of these catchy sentences is to start a conversation that somehow offers women a hint of the true intention and interest of men.

“I just thought you should know that you have a really nice…”

There is some point in a man’s life that he would notice that women love to be praised. By simply mentioning how beautiful her eyes are, any guy can easily get the attention and interest of women. Likewise, men can also say something good about women’s noses, hair and other bodily features that they tend to emphasize. With this simple line, they can start a lively conversation with the opposite sex. Flattery may not work all the time, but in this case, women just cannot resist the idea of their beauty being placed in high regard by men. Just be sure to be as honest, true and genuine of what you are about to say.

“Wow, I really like that (insert a particular fragrance, clothing or some thing that is quite observable) you are wearing.”

Ladies do not dress up for nothing. They wear special clothing and perfume to look good, smell good and look very attractive to the opposite sex. As one of the best pick up lines, men can use this to get the attention of women easily. In addition, it will also send them a message that their efforts to dress up and smell nice paid off. To make this line more effective, be sure to know something about women’s clothing and fashion.

“Would you like an escort on your way to…”

Ladies love security and comfort. This line is all about giving them both of these special needs. It gives them a sense of security, which they lack as they walk alone towards their destination. While walking, it will be very hard for them not to talk and converse. Indeed, this one is truly an excellent way to start a hearty conversation.

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