The Best Places to Live

Do you want to live life to the fullest? Are you in search for places where you can spend quality, serene and memorable time with your loved ones? Are you looking for cities where you can improve the present quality of life of your family? Explore and look at the socio-economic state of Zurich, Vienna, Geneva, and Vancouver, the best places to live in the world.


Known as one of the most industrialized and urbanized areas in the world, Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. Some of the nice places that tourists can visit in the area are Lindenhof hill and the Swiss National Museum. In terms of public transportation, people can find trams, local trains, trolley buses, boats, and a cable car. The quality of life in the area is high since only four per cent of the total population of Zurich is unemployed. Many residents are capable of speaking different languages, which is very important to the continuous economic growth in the city. Some of the outstanding corporations in the world, which are present in the area, are General Motors Europe, IBM, and Toyota Europe.


Vienna in Austria ranks second in the best places to live in the world. With an estimated population of 1.7 million, the place is known as one of the most populous cities in the European Union. The modes of transport available in the area include trains, cabs, buses, and boats. Some of the most attractive and interesting sites in Vienna are the Belvedere Palace, the Statue of Athena, and Naturhistorisches Museum. Aside from these, people can also see bases of international organizations such as OPEC and the United Nations.


Another urbanized city in Switzerland that considered as one of the best places to live in the world, Geneva plays home to outstanding corporations and enterprises like Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Mediterranean Shipping Company. People can also locate the headquarters of different international associations in the area including the European Broadcasting Union. To attract tourists and stimulate economic growth, the city government supports the annual automobile show Geneva Motor Show.


Considered as the most populous city in Western Canada, as well as in British Columbia, Vancouver has an estimated population of 2,116,581. One of the manifestations of continuous economic growth includes the $4 billion GDP generated from port transactions and services. The quality of living in Vancouver is very high since there are numerous topnotch companies and firms that offer job opportunities to people like Cymax Stores, Maximizer Software, and HSBC Canada.

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