The Best Steak Marinade Recipe

Steaks are very delicious especially when cooked properly. They must acquire a tender texture and must be juicy from the inside out. The flavors must run deep through the meat. People can make these wonderful qualities with the help of this best steak marinade. The recipe is quite simple and makes use of easy-to-find ingredients. In a little less than an hour, this dish is ready to go and can serve up to four individuals.


To be able to make the best steak marinade, people need at least 4½-pounds of rib eye steaks as the primary ingredient. At least two pinches of cayenne pepper are also needed to add more spice and flavor to this special dish. Meanwhile, a teaspoon of liquid smoke can further improve the taste of the meat. In addition, bring in a teaspoon of salt, which is one of the primary reasons behind the tastiness of this flavorful recipe.

To give the meat better flavor than usual steaks, this recipe needs at least a couple of teaspoons of onion powder. This will give the meat the distinctive taste and flavor of onions even without having them. For a touch of sweetness, add at least two teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. This will give the dish a relatively sweet taste that is just right for this particular dish. Moreover, add one tablespoon of ground black pepper to give the meat a highly enticing smell and taste. This ingredient can also add spice to the entire dish.

Bring in at least ¼-cup of olive oil, which will primarily aid in the actual cooking process. This is a healthier option over cooking oil. To add more flavor and sweetness, ¼-cup honey is also part of the mix. This will give the meat a strong, fine and sweet delectable taste not found in regular steaks. Get at least ¼-cup of garlic clove and then mince it. A cup of soy sauce and a cup of balsamic vinegar are also needed to complete this special steak marinade.


Using a nice clean dish, combine the cayenne pepper, liquid smoke and salt together with the onion powder, Worcestershire sauce and ground black pepper. Moreover, also pour the olive oil, ground black pepper and honey right into the mix. After that, pour in the soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and garlic clove as well. Mix them all together and then use the mixture to marinate the meat. Massage the sauce right into the meat until all parts are covered with the mixture. Leave the steak marinade overnight. Grill, serve and enjoy this flavorful and yummy treat.

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