The Best Tasting Grilled Chicken

One of the most common ways in grilling a chicken is to cut them into strips or grill boneless chicken breasts. Both methods demand a particular strategy when cooking. The latter is quite challenging because you have to be sure that it will not cause any flare-ups or prevent the chicken fat from being burned. When searching for the best way to grill a chicken, you need to realize that skinless children dries out easily and can immediately lose its flavor.

In order to make sure that there are no flare ups when grilling the chicken, you need to make sure that the meat will not be pierced. This helps the chicken fat to be consumed quickly and burn. When grilling chicken, make sure you always use tongs.

One of the best ways to grill a chicken is constantly moving it. As much as possible, save grill spaces by keeping the chicken from the fire. If worse comes to worst, you would need to transfer the chicken to the upper rack of the grill for one minute to allow the fire to die down. See to it that you cook the chicken at medium temperature.

If you are looking for the best way to grill a chicken without standing in front of the grill throughout the duration of cooking, then you can try indirect cooking. There are two procedures involved in this method of grilling chicken. With a charcoal grill, you need to surround the edges with coal and cook the chicken on the part without charcoal.

On the other hand, with a gas grill, you can either have a dual burner or none. For the former, you need to preheat both sides and then switch off one burner when the chicken has been placed.
In the case of the latter, you need to place the chicken on a pan made out of aluminum foil and put them over the briquettes and below the cooking grate.

The best way to grill a chicken using this method is to place it directly above the foil. The purpose of this is to collect the fat and prevent it from reaching the burners. The disadvantage of indirect cooking is that it requires 10-20% more cooking time and you should monitor the procedure.

With the skinless variety, the best way to grill a chicken is to always place something on the chicken to prevent it from being dry. You can either use a thin amount of cooking oil or a marinade.

Likewise, you can flatten the chicken breasts prior to grilling them. Otherwise, the thin parts of the chicken will become dry even before the thick parts are cooked. Using a kitchen mallet to pound the chicken ensures an even cooking.

A third technique in grilling a chicken is to use a rotisserie. This method will require some time but waiting can be worthwhile. To prevent the chicken from burning and to avoid flare-ups, place aluminum foil directly below the area where the chicken will spin to collect the escaping fats.

When using a rotisserie, you may also have to switch it to the lowest temperature so you can cook the inside before the outside becomes overcooked.

Finding the best way to grill a chicken can be helpful in making sure that you get a delicious grilled chicken.

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