The Best Way to Cook a Ribeye Steak

By combining the right ingredients, the correct range of temperature, and the proper method of cooking, anyone can already try the best way to cook a ribeye steak. When choosing the right meat for this task, be sure to get high-grade steaks. Prime cuts maybe quite expensive, but these products are usually of superior quality. Some of the important factors that need to be put into consideration are the ingredients, the preparation, the actual cooking process, and the timing.

Ingredients and Materials Needed

For those who wish to try the best way to cook a ribeye steak, purchase the freshest steaks available in the market. Together with these, bring in at least two tablespoons of garlic powder, one-and-a-half tablespoon of cracked pepper, and a teaspoon of kosher salt. Furthermore, do not forget to use half cup of olive oil in the actual cooking process. The materials needed for this easy and simple task are wood chips, tongs, and cast iron skillet.


The very first thing to do when trying the best way to cook a ribeye steak is the preparation of the meat. To give the steak an enticing taste and flavor, season it with kosher salt, garlic powder, and cracked black pepper. In order to make these things stick right onto the meat, pour some olive oil and then rub all the previous ingredients directly into the steak. Be sure to season both sides for a more balanced taste, and then leave for at least 20 minutes.

After these simple preparations, turn the stove on into medium heat, and then place the cast iron skillet on top of it. Add a small amount of olive oil. When the oil is hot enough, put the steak on the pan and let it stand for about two minutes. By doing this, it is much easier to lock up the juices of the meat for a richer flavor and taste later on. After this, use the tongs to turn the other side of the meat. Pre-heat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. When both sides of the steak are seared properly, remove the pan from the stove and then place it inside the oven. Leave it for some time until the desired texture of the meat is achieved.

When the cooking is finished, place the steak on a clean plate. Be sure not to cut through the meat in an instant as the flavor and taste may be reduced. Instead, allow the steak to stand for about four to five minutes, giving it sufficient time to reabsorb its juices. After some time, this special steak dish is ready to be served.

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