The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat

The numerous ads you see on TV claiming to be the best way to lose stomach fat goes to show the extent of the problem. But you don’t need to dig into your wallet to lose the excess baggage; all it takes is a little discipline and change of habits.

Step 1: Cut Down on Junk Foods

These consist of sweets like chocolates, cakes and ice cream. Trying to eliminate these suddenly will be hard so start by reducing the amount you eat. If you have a box of donuts in the fridge, remove them. Better yet do not stock any of these at all. It is easier to avoid the temptation of cheating and having midnight snacks if the pastries aren’t there.

Step 2: Reduce Beer Intake

This is also one of the best ways to lose stomach fat. There is a reason why it is called a beer belly, because a glass or bottle contains a lot of calories. Additional weight and fat is gained because most of these drinks are accompanied by high calorie snacks. It’s okay to drink every now and then but if you already have a large belly, you have to cut down. If you need to have a night beverage try fruit juices instead. Don’t go for soft drinks because they have lots of sugar.

Step 3: Less Meat, More Vegetables

You probably heard that statement before but it is true. Greasy high calorie foods like hamburgers, chicken and pizza not only make you fatter, but they can also lead to indigestion and other health complications. Make no mistake about it; meats are also important as they have carbohydrates. But too much leads to excess weight. Go for leafy green vegetables and fruits as diets with these foods are among the best ways to lose stomach fat.

Rice has also been known to cause weight gain, so if you need to have it just take about a cup per meal. Another helpful idea is to restrict the amount of white bread you consume.

Step 4: Exercise

You don’t need to enroll in an expensive gym class to get in shape. Start by jogging. Set aside 15 to 20 minutes in the morning at least three times a week. If you can afford to do it five times a week, that’s even better. Gradually increase the time you jog to half an hour. If you prefer to do push ups and weights, start slowly.

Step 5: Be Patient

The best way to lose stomach fat is not limited to physical action; it is also mental. If you are twenty pounds overweight, you cannot realistically expect to lose it all in a week. Be content with the fact that you are losing weight. Do not be concerned about building up your muscles or getting a six pack on your abs. Right now your goal is to get to the right weight.

Getting in shape doesn’t require any costly pill or any specialized meal. All it takes is patience and determination. It is only the beginning stages that are hard; after a few weeks you’ll get used to your new diet / routine, and watch those fats disappear without you having to buy those pills claiming they are the best way to lose stomach fat.

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