The Top Five Best Commercials of All Time

Known as a short broadcast programs paid and produced by companies or nonprofit associations to send out a special message to television viewers, commercial is one of the most effective methods of promoting merchandises or products. The first television commercial was introduced on July 1, 1941. This TV advertisement was paid by Bulova to promote the different lines of watches that the company has produced during this time. It was featured before a game between popular baseball teams Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers. Below are the top five best commercials of all time.

It’s the Real Thing

One of the best and most popular television advertisements of all time is Coca Cola’s It’s the Real Thing. This advertisement is a series of commercials that promote the company’s famous tagline ‘The Real Thing.’ The commercials were launched in the late 1950s until the 1990s. One of the most famous Coca Cola television advertisements that promote the tagline was launched in 1991. It featured newlywed couples enjoying a bottle of Coca Cola as well as a father holding his son who is drinking the soft drink.


Second in the list of the top five best commercials of all time is 1984. It was created to promote new software developed by Apple. It was launched at Super Bowl 1984 third quarter. This commercial depicted the competition between IBM and Macintosh.

All Beef Patties

Ranked third in the top five best commercials of all time is All Beef Patties for McDonald’s. The television advertisement was launched in 1978. The commercial contributed to the popularity of the fast food chain as well as the popularity of the Big Mac burger offered by McDonald’s. The advertisement featured people doing different activities like running in a field and dancing in disco who went to the fast food chain to taste the all beef patties burgers promoted by the fast food chain.

When I Grow Up

This television advertisement was produced in 1999 to promote the services offered by Many people liked the commercial because it revealed the truth behind mediocre jobs. It is also listed as one of the best commercials of all time since it helped enhance the financial performance of the firm.

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald’s Commercial

Many sports fanatics loved this classic commercial. It featured outstanding and popular NBA players Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. In the advertisement, the players compete for a Big Mac burger and a French fries from the fast food chain.

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