The Top Five Best Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl refers to the National Football League’s championship game that is commonly held on a Sunday that is known to football fans as the Super Bowl Sunday. This game is considered as one of the most viewed television broadcasts in America. Because of the popularity of the game, many companies launched advertisements in the event. Below are the top five best Super Bowl commercials of all time.


This television commercial shows a jogger who represents the coming of Apple’s Macintosh software. She throws a hammer towards a big screen that shows the image of David Graham who represents Big Brother. The creation of the advertisement was led by director Ridley Scott, but the concept was created by Steve Hayden. It was showed in the third quarter of the NFL championship game on January 22, 1984. Even if the commercial is considered as the best Super Bowl commercial, it failed to boost the performance of the computer company during the year.

Mean Joe Greene

This is considered as one of the best Super Bowl commercials because it contributed to the improvements in the career of American football player Charles Edward Greene (also known as Mean Joe Greene) in 1979. The commercial shows a child who gives a bottle of Coke to Greene. The football player was overwhelmed by the act of the child so he gives his jersey to the child. This is very popular because some movies were inspired by this advertisement like the film “The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid,” which was launched in 1981.


Third in the list of the best Super Bowl commercials is an advertisement from E Trade that features a monkey and two men dancing cha-cha. This is one of the cheapest television advertisements launched in the U.S. in 2000. This commercial has contributed a lot to the increase in profits posted by the firm in 2001 and 2002.

Terry Tate: Official Linebacker

This is a series of television advertisements for sporting goods manufacturer Reebok in 2003. The commercial has been helpful in diverting the attention of viewers from the controversies involving the firm to the products manufactured by the company. The television advertisement has great contributions to the sales of Reebok during the year.

When I Grow Up

This television advertisement was launched by in 1999. Many people were attracted and inspired by the commercial. The commercial features several children who talk about their goals and ambitions in life. This Super Bowl advertisement helped the company survived the challenges of dot com implosion in 2006.

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