The World’s Best Hamburger Recipe

One of the usual refreshments that people can find at dining facilities in the world, hamburger includes a meat patty and vegetables that are placed between two toasted bread slices. To enhance the flavor of hamburger, some ingredients can be added such as tomatoes, onions, cheese, and lettuce. One of the most delicious, mouthwatering, and pleasant tasting variety of hamburger that everyone can try to prepare is Zesty Hamburger. Because of its delectable taste, many people from different countries considered it as the world’s best hamburger. To know how to cook this sumptuous treat, individuals are encouraged to carefully follow the instructions in this recipe.


There are some important ingredients that people should need in the worlds best hamburger recipe such as lean ground beef, chopped onions, butter or margarine, and chopped parsley. To enhance the taste, add Worcestershire sauce, pineapple juice, and vegetable in the ingredients. Above all, do not forget to include salt, pepper, and vegetable oil when preparing this tasty dish.


Put a pound of ground beef in a clean bowl. Add salt and pepper in the meat. Shape the ground beef into five meat patties. Heat a pan in a medium fire. Put one and a half tablespoon of margarine or butter in the pan. Remove the pan from the fire when the butter melts. Add vegetable oil and mustard in the pan. Heat the pan for not more than six minutes. Add two tablespoons of butter in the mixture and wait until the butter melts. Remove this mixture from the pan and transfer to another bowl. Drizzle the mixture with chopped parsley.

Place the meat patties in a charcoal grill. Cook each side of patties for seven to eight minutes. Remove the patties and place in a clean plate. Pour the mixture over the burger patties. Toast ten slices of bread in the grill for not more than a minute for each side of the bread. Place the bread in a plate and put the patties in between two bread slices. To improve the flavor of this dish, put sliced cheese in the bread. Serve the hamburger instantly.


To prepare the worlds best hamburger recipe easily, gather all the ingredients before proceeding with the procedures. In addition, make sure to use clean kitchen utensils when cooking zesty burger to avoid contamination in the ingredients. This recipe goes well with side dishes like sauteed vegetables, French fries, and onion rings.

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The World’s Best Hamburger Recipe

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